The mental health benefits of green exercise

Check out this excellent article put together by our friends from Up and Running. Talking about the many physical and psychological benefits of exercising outdoors (not necessarily running). You can join them for their Fall session which will begin at the end of September.

How long should my shoes last?

As a run-specialty retailer, we’re here to chat and answer your running-related questions. We’ve worked with thousands of customers of all ability levels, so believe me, we’ve heard it all. Easily the most frequently asked question we get is “How long will my shoes last?” You’ve likely heard the rule-of-thumb which says shoes will last … Continue reading How long should my shoes last?

Carbohydrate Fueling Guidelines for Runners by Rachel Hannah, RD

carbohydrate-fueling-for-endurance-running-Download Check out this fantastic guide that our friend Rachel Hannah, RD put together for you about the importance of fueling for runners. Everything you need to know about carbohydrates in a short read includes: the benefits of, different types, recommendations and even guidelines of how much to ingest based on your individual goal times.