Spring Running

In most years we’d be more than a few weeks into the nice Spring weather; temperatures rising, trees blooming, and the geese commandeering the best running paths. This year, old man Winter was more stubborn than usual and made for some truely unpredictable weather.

A couple of days into May and it looks like we may finally be in the clear and can finally start embracing that sunshine. But with the change of seasons, running isn’t always clear skies and rainbows, so here are a few tips we’ve put together for keeping you comfortable.

Stay Cool by Staying Dry

With the warmer temperatures in the forecast you should be prepared to sweat. When sweat evaporates, it provides the body its natural way of shedding heat. The problem is, if the sweat can’t evaporate, your body can’t lose that heat. This is why moisture-whicking fabrics are the most recommended for running and exercise; they act by pulling your sweat away from your body and to the outer-most layer of your garment so that it can evaporate more easily. Always check the label on the inside of any piece of apparel and keep an eye out for materials like polyester, Merino wool, rayon or lycra. Cotton is a material that actually soaks up moisture and therefore should be avoided like the plague.

Stay Upright

The snow and ice is gone, hopefully for good, but that doesn’t mean taking a spill is impossible. Spring as they say, is the rainy season, which can make for some nice slick mud. If you absolutely insist on hitting the trails, be prepared with a running shoe that has a more aggressive tread on it. Deeper and multi-directional lugs can mean the difference between a nice easy run and a face full of mud.

Shells Aren’t Just for Turtles

As I mentioned before, Spring is an unpredictable season. This past Thursday it got up to 16 degrees…. and then it snowed on the weekend! Having a good thin outer shell will help you stay dry when it rains, and comfortable on the blustery days, all while not trapping that extra unwanted heat.

It’s the Little Things

There are a ton of different options available that can make your run that much better but are easily forgotten. Think Ciele hats for keeping rain out of your face, and the flies out of your hair once the really warm temperatures get here. Grab a pair of sunglasses to protect you from that sunshine we got used to not seeing for days at at time. Bonus points for a polarized lens which will save you from blinding glare. Goodr glasses can do all of that, plus they have a non-slip coating to keep them from bouncing around on your face while you run. Rub on some Body Glide to prevent blisters and undesired chafing.

Whatever Spring throws at you this year, our staff have run through it all and can help you gear up for it.

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