First blog post

Welcome to our new website.

While our old site was good, we needed to freshen things up a bit. This website fits in with the look of the store better.

We’re able to control the content of this website a little bit better. Photos and text should be current, and updates will be easier to make.

A lot of the menu headings are similar to what we had on our old website. If you want to learn a bit more about the store and who we are, you can visit our About Us page. Want to know a little more about what brands and products we carry? Visit the Products page. If you’re interested in our clinics, you can visit our Clinics page for more info, or to register for the next round. Looking for info on local events? Our Races page lists events we organize or support. Need to get in touch with us? Visit the Contact Us page for how you can do that.

You can also find links to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Those are the best places to see what’s new in store, or going on around town. Give us a follow on those pages to stay in touch.

New to the page is this blog. We’re hoping to keep this updated with information on what’s in store and going on around town. We also have some fun ideas for posts that we hope will work out, so keep your eyes open for those.

Anyways, we hope you enjoy the new website, and thanks for coming out to the store.


Andrew Catton

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